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Over the past 10 years I’ve experienced that when people, process and insights go hand in hand, exceptional results can be achieved.  Analysis of these three pillars give teams several insights into where they stand and enable them to define concrete actions that will bring them to their future goals. If you want to take the next step in your digital performance, lets talk! 


Everything starts with having the right people in the right place. Are all team members using their natural talents to the fullest? Making sure all members are able to excel and putting them in the spotlight will make the team strive for excellence.


Time and money is often lost due to inefficient processes and outdated tools. I enable the team to work faster and spend more time to do what they do best by mapping current processes and tools and optimize them where needed.


Your data is only worth anything if it is translated into valuable insights. I make sure that the different stakeholders get insights that they can put into use immediately, be it for further analysis or direct action.

The user at the center
of everything I do

Digital strategies and products developed with the end user in mind and based on actionable insights, will always be successful.

Throughout my career I’ve had different roles with my focus going from product management and data visualization, to user journeys, traffic generation and conversion optimization. The common denominator in these different roles is that I always put the user in the center of everything I do.  By breaking down complex challenges into manageable projects, I ensure teams can achieve success within desired timeframes and budget. 

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